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Please call for same day reservations.
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Class time is not jump time.

Provide CC Information to hold reservation. No payment is made at this time.

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I am 18 years of age or older and must bring a valid GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID in order to jump. 
I understand I am not allowed to jump without an ID
All female jumpers are under 200 lbs and/or all male jumpers are under 220. Please call if you are over, 520.466.3753 220lbs
I understand I should plan my entire day to complete my tandem jump
I understand that I am paying $0 now and the credit card I am providing will not be charged unless I fail to cancel at least 48 hours prior to my reservation for 1-9 people or 2 weeks prior for groups of 10+ people, which will be $25 per person reserved
I understand that during the months of March thru September, it is HIGHLY recommended to schedule as early in the day as possible since weather conditions can deteriorate and my skydive could be cancelled


IMPORTANT Skydive Information:

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions to help prepare for your jump.  If you made a reservation for others it is your responsibility to make sure they are informed and aware of the information contained below.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your reservation time (Reservation time is not jump time)
  • Make sure you and everyone in your group has a valid Government Issued photo ID

  • Plan at least half your day here to complete your jump

  • Check Weather Conditions:  Skydiving is a weather-dependent activity. Please check the forecast and call if you have any questions

  • Wear comfortable, athletic-type clothing suitable for the weather. Lace-up shoes are required - no boots, heels, flip flops, or open-toe shoes 

  • Absolutely NO drugs or alcohol in your system

  • Due to safety issues and skydiving regulations, you cannot take any electronic devices with you on the aircraft or skydive

  • There are some physical and medical limitations that may require a medical release and/or Instructor approval to jump.  Call our office for details; 520.466.3753

  • Please respect our policy, pets are not allowed

  • Driving Directions:  Click HERE

Our Prices
Prices are per person
Regular Tandem Skydive $209
DISCOUNT Tandem Skydive with Student or Military ID  $189
10-19 $189
20 + $169
Media Options  
Combo Package (Video + Digital Still Photos)    $125
Digital Still Photos or Video Only $99 

Credit Card Details: You will need to provide a credit card number to hold your reservation. Your credit card will not be charged unless you fail to cancel according to our cancellation policy.

NOTE: Groups of 10 + must pay 2 weeks in advance, no exceptions.


 per person will be charged if you fail to cancel according to our cancellation policy or do not show.