Skydive Buckeye Tandem Reservation System
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Step One

Choose Date
The date you choose must be a future date and must be correctly formatted. Here is an example of properly formatted date: 01/01/2004. Click the icon next to the date field to use a popup calendar for choosing your date.

Answer Questions
You must answer all of the listed questions and by doing so you are agreeing to the statement in that question.

Step Two

Choose your Tandem Class Time
Use the list of available classes to choose your tandem jump and or class time. Choose a number that is equal to the number of jumpers in your party. If your whole party does not fit in one tim block select the number remaining in the next available block. The blocks of time that are marked Full have already been filled by other customers.

Step Three

Review your reservation details

Would you like to reserve a video
Specify how many of the people in your party would like a video + pictures package for their jump.

Provide your credit card information to be used as a deposit for your reservation(s). The balance for your tandem jump(s) will be due at the time of your reservation(s).

Step Four

Reservation Complete
Print this page for your records and bring it with you to the drop zone on the day of your tandem jump.



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